Serving Decision Makers & Policy Makers

Christian serves the marketplace primarily with his geopolitical analysis and macroeconomic training. Strategic geopolitical analysis is helpful for policy makers, industrial firms, think tanks, exporters and investors.

Christian endeavors to adapt macroeconomic concepts and data analysis to new geopolitical-political realities. This is the no 1 thing society expects from trained economists, specially in times like this, when uncertainty is high and visibility low. This explains why he has expanded macro analysis to include geopolitical factors, developed Data Analysis to deal with the rise of Emerging Markets and new concepts like the Macroeconomic Efficiency Ratio (MER).

He also serves by teaching & lecturing on Asia, Emerging Markets and Geopolitics. He explains how Macroeconomic and Geopolitical trends are interacting and overlapping. He has also been building informal networks where people from diverse realms of society (engineers, scientists, military experts, journalists, lawyers, political analysts, foreign relations experts etc) can connect with economists, investment professionals and bankers.

But Christian also believes in serving the people themselves. He has been coaching financial professionals and business executives for over 20 years, accompanying them during challenging periods. He encourages them to foster healthy relationships where feedback is given and desired, also to address the personal sphere first before addressing others’. Relationships in which one can be honest about a shortcoming or problem without being judged.