Geopolitical Interview: Positive view on BREXIT ; Trump impeachment delay

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Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview

Radio Interview on BREXIT and Trump – 20 Dec 2019 

US Radio host Ron Myers at French Radio Lifestyle interviews Economist Christian Takushi on 20 Dec 2019

  • We stick to our 2015 assessment:  The UK will exit the EU – A hard Brexit is still more likely than a soft Brexit. A No Deal Brexit will take place if EU sets too many tough conditions
  • Northern Ireland and Ireland have both miscalculated – British people have moved on and accepted a framework that puts some boundaries on their long wish list. After dominating the 4-5 year long Brexit discussions, a reality check on Ireland
  • UK can handle a No Deal BREXIT better than the EU – The UK to bet on dynamic economies, while overregulated EU will set on yet a larger role for the state
  • Speaker Pelosi (Democrat leader in the House) is using a strategy that makes sense: damage control ahead of 2020 elections. On this track Republicans could win White House in 2020

Important note: Takushi doesn’t request questions in advance. He allows journalists to asks any questions they desire, according to their listeners’ or readers’ needs. This unscripted approach allows for maximum genuineness.

Disclaimer: None of the voiced or written comments should be interpreted or construed as an investment recommendation

Geopolitical Macroeconomic Research by Independent Macro Economist Christian Takushi MA UZH – Zurich, Switzerland, 20 Dec 2019 – Switzerland

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