Geopolitical Video: Europe is Biggest Loser of a possible Trade War

Zurich 15 June 2018: Swiss investment newsreel Cash wanted Takushi’s Geopolitical Assessment of the current Trade Frictions. This interview took place on a short notice and the seasoned journalist didn’t give him the questions in advance, something we support and appreciate. Viewers and readers get this way the unfiltered opinion of an expert.

Takushi explains why Europe would be the biggest loser from such an open war and why she cannot afford to defy America the way it is doing lately. Not the consensus view on this continent of course. Europe has failed to build up strategic military forces to protect the Trading Routes on which her economy “so much” depends – The USA does the (dirty) job for Europe. In a nutshell: Trade is not everything. The EU has prematurely defied America by openly embracing America’s arch rivals and the latter is reasserting her superpower status. In not so friendly ways for Europe and China.

Independent Geopolitical Research by Macro Economist & Geopolitical Strategist Christian Takushi

15 June 2018 – Interview by Mr. Ivo Ruch, Swiss journalist

Venue: Zurich, Switzerland

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