Takushi Geopolitical Update after US Airstrike on Syria: Trump, Iran war in 2017 likely, EU to shift left, SCOTUS

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Short Video Clip with Geopolitical Outlook after US Strikes on Syria (April 2017)

Christian Takushi addresses the US air strike on Syria and 3 geopolitical factors that consensus is underestimating: 1) Trump’s defining moment, 2) Iran could unleash War in Aug-Sep 2017, a byproduct of US-Iran Deal and Turkey remembering in Nov 2017 the Fall of Jerusalem to British Army & Christianity after 673 years of Muslim occupation, 3) EU likely to shift left (not right) as Voter Revolt in Germany fails, and 4) US Supreme Court’s reestablished conservative majority. Spikes in the price of Oil, Gold and Volatility are likely. Background: Half of 24 global trends are overlapping during 2015-2018.

Takushi has been pointing since 2014 to an unusual convergence of geopolitical, economic and religious trends during 2015-2018 that could lead to new wars and a Super Crisis.

Note: an excerpt of Takushi’s Geopolitical Macro Research and other contributions can be found in www.geopoliticaleconomics.org

Christian Takushi MA UZH, Macro Economist & Geopolitical Strategist, released 8 April 2017

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