“Unsichere Zeiten: Wie sich positionieren?” Uncertain times – Interview with go magazin (14 min)

We are releasing today a LIVE Interview Christian Takushi gave to go magazin on 9 Jan 2024  (delayed public release on 5 March 2024)

  • What is the next Big Event ?
  • The biggest deviation between your analysis and consensus?  Deployment of tactical weapons
  • The biggest hot spots?
  • Over 120 conflicts around the world
  • Why are rich people getting a second residence in the Global South?
  • Why are Uruguay, Mauritius and NZ the safest countries in the world in case of a global or major war?
  • Geopolitical Analysis matters
  • Financial Assets are inflated
  • Why do you say are our Western economies a bubble?
  • Our inflated financial markets have become a risk for the global financial system?

Interview was run by Mr. Stephan Lehmann

You can change the settings to translate the audio into English – Kindly be aware that the exact meaning of the text can be biased or altered through an online translation.

Geopolitical Research Team  – Switzerland  – 9 Jan 2024  (delayed public release on 5 March 2024)

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