Wann kommt der Great Reset? (Is the Great Reset here?)

We are releasing today a geopolitical interview that Christian Takushi gave to the GO Magazin on 21 Dec 2023  (delayed public release on 23 Feb 2024)

  • Why weren’t your predictions of Trump and Brexit your most important ones? Europe’s Security breakdown
  • The West maneuvered itself into a strategic trap versus autocratic states
  • Gold and Oil
  • The WEF – don’t blame Mr. Schwab for all our mistakes
  • Dysfunctional democracies?
  • The growing state
  • Our problematic consensus
  • Why is Uruguay the geopolitically safest nation?
  • Personal thoughts

GO Interview Mar 2024

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Geopolitical Research Team  – Switzerland 23 Feb 2024

Research made in Switzerland 

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