US Interview: The geopolitically safest country in the world, Uruguay

By Christian Takushi, Macro Economist – Switzerland  Tue 14 Nov 2023.

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Mr. Takushi has been interviewed by San Diego-based Financial Sense. The interview has been aired in the United States: At this stage our analysis shows Uruguay is the safest place to be protected from major global conflagration and a potential world war.


Key topics that were raised

  1. Why is Uruguay geopolitically the safest country in the world ?
  2. Why is the financial industry recommending Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore, Panama, Costa Rica etc. instead? 
  3. How about Portugal and Spain? 
  4. Why people should have a 2nd base in the Southern hemisphere – Several major wars are coming to the Northern hemisphere
  5. Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Botswana, Ghana, Indonesia/Bali & New Zealand 

US Interview with Financial Sense 


Contingency Plans:

Building a second base for your business or family requires good preparation and it can take up to three years time.

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Research by Christian Takushi MA UZH, Independent Macro Economist and Geopolitical Strategist. Switzerland  14 Nov 2023.


Research made in Switzerland 

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