US Interview – Geopolitical counterweight India slowing down China’s BRICS plans?

FS Insider senior editor Cris Sheridan interviews economist Christian Takushi to discuss the USA, China and India – how India has probably delayed the BRICS plans. Length 34 minutes
San Diego-based Financial Sense’s Cris Sheridan interviewed Mr. Takushi hours on Thu 7 Sep 2023.  This interview complements our recent newsletters and developments that seem to be underreported by financial media.

Executive Notes:

As we anticipated in our newsletter earlier this year, Chinese Gold prices have begun to decouple from the stagnant gold prices in the West. Shanghai prices reached levels up to 4-5% higher than in London. We are monitoring this carefully – Beijing seems to be testing our markets’ response. A foreshadow? This interview helps fill the gaps in this developing story. 

Key topics raised:

  1. Gold investors disappointed

  2. For now Washington pivots India against China – Rift within the BRICS

  3. Higher prices, more inflation and higher rates – more G7 state control

  4. Real threat to the West: China shifts to Oil production – Targets to replace 1/3 of USD usage 

While Western investors were thrilled about the postponed roll-out of the new gold-backed reserve currency, the real threat to the USD may be the BRICS dominance over Oil exports and Oil imports, where they can gradually replace the USD and force US interests to better reflect the US deficits and debt. It would be hard for the G7 to avoid a repricing of Gold – they may have to constrain gold arbitrage to investors holding their gold in Western markets. For years we have been warning investors to prepare for such a scenario. 

On immigration and the economy: Independent economist Takushi believes that massive illegal immigration ushers three economic effects over time: 1st) In the short term positive impact on aggregate consumption, 2nd) After the initial years massive increase in costs to society until newcomers are fully productive, 3rd) In the long run, and with appropriate policies in place, the newcomers have an overall positive impact on the economy. 

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Switzerland  15 Sep 2023.

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