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FS Insider senior editor Cris Sheridan interviews macro economist Christian Takushi to discuss the biggest Macro Factor affecting world events since 2020 and why Markets are getting the PIVOT wrong. Length 24 minutes
Mr. Sheridan interviewed Mr. Takushi hours before the FED announced its next policy move on Wed 3 may 2023.

Executive Notes:

(1) I remain convinced that markets are still getting the “pivot” wrong, because they are not fully aware of what the Big Picture is. The pivot being the long awaited shift from restrictive monetary policy to loose monetary policy by the FED. Stock investors are betting since the end of 2022 on the FED signalling or beginning to cut interest rates. Many investors and banks are suffering heavy losses, because of this. 

(2) Change in priorities for Washington – The threat emanating from the BRICS and heir allied large emerging & developing nations (62% of the world population with a larger economic weight than the West) that are challenging the USD and our Western financial system is so existential for the USA, Washington cannot afford to prioritise investors and US economic growth in 2023.

(3) While some big investors think Crypto currencies have no future, Takushi disagrees. He sees them shaping the future, but not necessarily as some crypto innovators believe. Crypto and blockchain have actually empowered both (a) the G7 governments to take effective control over aggregate demand & supply including their citizens and (b) the BRICS nations to challenge the USD and the European banking system. Thus, those platforms that choose the right track, are more likely to be able to be part of new monetary system.

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By Christian Takushi MA UZH, Independent Macro Economist & Geopolitical Strategist. Interview from 3 May 2023 – 4 PM CET (Zurich Time).

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