Geopolitical Interview with Takushi ahead of 2023 – The Rise of state-run economies

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FS Insider senior editor Cris Sheridan interviews macro economist Christian Takushi to discuss the rise of state-run economies and the Global Geopolitical Competition ahead of 2023.
Mr. Sheridan recalled Takushi’s call made initially on Dec 16th 2021 that markets will be sacrificed by the FED to cater to US voters, thus 11 difficult months lie ahead for investors.
Indeed – as soon as the Mid Term elections were behind us, US markets stabilised.

The interview in full length is a courtesy of FinancialSense.com

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Western and Oriental powers are reviewing their alliances – They are shifting.

After warning for years that the FED and ECB policies may have become the biggest threat to our National Security, Takushi is highlighting that G7 governments are seizing control of demand & supply. To this aim they are issuing gigantic state-guarantees on loans. It is possible, because markets have rescinded their oversight.

Thus our governments are becoming the main source of credit creation and deciding which companies will grow in this new state-directed economy. They are sidelining their own central banks just at a time that investors and media are listening to every tiny move & talk by FED and ECB.

It is in this highly vulnerable economy that the enemies of the West are advancing their interests. They could even strike harder. Our Central Bank policy is giving Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and even Turkey opportunities to strike at the West and hurt Western interests. 

But what many experts overlook is that many formerly poor developing countries are now powerful nations with economies that are often healthier than the G7. The non-Western powers want to decouple from the Western Banking System and the USD.  This lends support to one of Takushi’s oldest forecasts, the rise of a Super State in Europe and other continents.

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By Christian Takushi MA UZH, Independent Macro Economist & Geopolitical Strategist. Interview from 29 Dec 2022.

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