Geopolitical Podcast: Mr. Sunak may be the leader the UK and the world need the next 2 years

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A geopolitical Podcast by Economist Christian Takushi on Sun 23 Oct 2022 – Switzerland

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Following the news that Mr. Boris Johnson may be pulling out of the race, Mr. Takushi recorded a 25 minute podcast this Sunday evening – addressing the race for new Prime Minister in the UK. This will matter a lot for the rest of the world too.

This is a completely spontaneous first reaction to this evening’s events.

A Geopolitical Podcast

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An executive summary

Rishi Sunak may be the leader the UK and the world need the next two yearsA year of political upheaval may have been the “blessing in disguise” that opened the door for Mr. Rishi Sunak to become the next UK Prime Minister for one of the most challenging periods in post-WW2 history.

The UK has two formidable candidates: I humbly think both Mrs. Penny Mardaunt and Mr. Rishi Sunak are fit to lead the UK and the free world in the years that lie ahead. A joint ticket could be even a greater blessing. A Sunak-Mardaunt government could unite the party and allow Britain to take advantage of its regained independence post Brexit.

The UK can be both a close US ally and also a nation rebuilding the relationship between East and West (emerging and developing nations want trade opportunities that improve their geopolitical and security situation – the UK is a respected geopolitical and military power). The UK and the free world need a leader that brings the following to the table

  1. Character – integrity, thoughtful and even-keeled. The risk of nuclear war is elevated
  2. Intelligence – he or she will have to handle multiple crises
  3. The trust of financial markets – this can be a decisive asset or burden
  4. Help ease the growing West-East conflict – A well mannered British gentleman, Mr. Sunak, stands out with his Asian connection and understanding. As nations need to rebuild supply chains outside of China, the UK can play a key role with its maritime tradition and the Commonwealth

I think Mr. Boris Johnson has made a brilliant move by not entering the race (if confirmed). He has been the right man for BREXIT and in an uncertain and challenging world he might in the future lead the UK again.

The podcast builds on Takushi’s recent newsletters and you may find it helpful.

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