Geopolitical Podcast: Queen Elizabeth II, Inflation, USD as a weapon, Trade shifts, War

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A geopolitical Podcast by Economist Christian Takushi on Sunday 18 Sep  2022 – Switzerland

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Mr. Takushi broadcast a 30 minute podcast yesterday – a roundup of geopolitical and macro developments around the world.

This is a supplementary service for our newsletter readers. It assumes the listener is acquainted with our strategic research. The content is neither new to them nor strictly strategic, but Mr. Takushi felt the farewell ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth II are an important reason to make a few tactical comments on world events. Kindly see this as a complement to his newsletter reports.

A Geopolitical Podcast

Geopolitical roundup – World events explained in 30 minutes


  • Britain is shining these days – Today we look at how the passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a rare event that is allowing world leaders to pause, reflect, meet and hopefully review some of our policies or reach reconciliation.
  • Washington is using the USD as a powerful geopolitical and economic weapon. The super-strong Dollar is causing untold pain and inflation acceleration all over the world: in Western Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America more and more political leaders are furious at the combination of high energy prices with a super-strong USD.  On this track not only developing nations, also Western Europe could see economic devastation and social unrest.
  • The problem is not so much how to overcome the next winter, but how Europe can stay competitive after the next winter. Will European manufacturing and jobs move to the USA and elsewhere?

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Russian nuclear attack submarine Prince Vladimir before it went “silent “

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