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On 21 July 2022 our strategist Christian Takushi (Switzerland) was part of an INFLATION Panel with Artemiza Woodgate PhD (USA) at a Neudata / Morgan Stanley Seminar hosted by Dean Murphy in London.

The recording is a courtesy of Neudata in the UK.

Kindly klick the following link :

The Complex Economic Forces Shaping Prices


Independent Macro Economist Christian Takushi provides a balanced non-ideological analysis on world affairs. He sheds light on aspects that consensus is underestimating. He tries to keep his analysis objective and balanced, so he avoids political activism. These are two different callings. 

About this independent research

geopolitical research.com is non-partisan and balanced. Apart from treating all leaders and nations with respect, Takushi tries to understand & forecast their next steps rather than passing judgement on them. His analysis is truly independent and entirely based on his academic research, proprietary methods and databases.

By Christian Takushi MA UZH, Independent Macro Economist & Geopolitical Strategist. 21 July 2022

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A distinct broad approach to geopolitical research

(a) All nations & groups advance their geo-strategic interests with all the means at their disposal

(b) A balance between Western linear-logical and Oriental circular-historical-religious thinking is crucial given the rise of Oriental powers

(c) As a geopolitical analyst with an economic mindset Takushi does research with little regard for political ideology and conspiracy theories

(d) Independent time series data aggregation & propriety risk models

(e) Takushi only writes/comments when his analysis deviates from Consensus


Russian nuclear attack submarine Prince Vladimir before it went “silent “

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Independent research and releasing a report only when we deviate from consensus adds value.