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Geopolitical Video by independent Economist Christian Takushi – Friday 11 June 2022 – Switzerland 

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Mr. Takushi broadcast a 30 minute video last night – a roundup of key geopolitical and macro developments around the world. Covering ten major developments. Pay attention to the growing interconnection between those hot spots.

This is a supplementary service for our newsletter readers. But as a courtesy we are informing our seminar participants as well.

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Geopolitical roundup – World events explained in 30 minutes


  1. UK – PM Johnson – why a military leader may have to step forward
  2. Israel stands alone – Iran on the rise 
  3. Washington’s Fiasco in Japan & Taiwan
  4. China-Taiwan tensions mount
  5. Russia in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba – 2nd Missile Crisis on the horizon?
  6. China and Russia grow their Direct Trade & Currency Exchange
  7. Ukraine: Macron and Scholz defy Washington and Poland
  8. As Latin America shifts hard left, the security of key commodities fades away
  9. Fed and Inflation politics
  10. Washington – detached from reality

Recent Speech, Interview and Press Article

On 12 May Mr. Takushi gave the keynote speech at an important 3-day Investment Conference in Zurich. There he highlighted the biggest geopolitical and macroeconomic trends of our time and why the West is increasingly isolated. The meeting with the press was followed by an article that appeared on 14 May 2022.


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