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Radio Interview: From USA, Brexit .. to CBDC and Israel – Roundup  15 Dec 2020 (English / français) 


US Radio host Ron Myers at French Radio Lifestyle interviews Economist Christian Takushi

English original:  (pour la version en français voir ci-dessous

Tour d’horizon géopolitique traduit en français par Christine Corti

Summary of Radio Interview: From USA, Brexit .. to Israel – Roundup  15 Dec 2020

US Radio host Ron Myers at French Radio Lifestyle 74 interviews Economist Christian Takushi

  • US Elections – Mr. Biden has clinched the presidency and the chances of a surprise on January 6 are not zero but very small now
  • While the allegations of Voter Fraud are “unsubstantiated”, that is also because no important court listened to the cases, Federal Authorities refused to conduct a major investigation and no audits were carried out. Neither the GOP, DNC nor the DOJ wanted to entertain the allegations
  • BREXIT: we maintain that a NO DEAL is the most likely outcome – Due to the Covid Crisis both sides want to show an success and agree on a small Deal though. But it is likely to be a Near NO DEAL outcome
  • Saudi Arabia has only 3 weeks to avenge the massive Iranian attack on its largest Oil Fields in September 2019. Ryad has asked its military ally Israel for help!
  • A digital currency is drawing near (a surprise in 2021 cannot be ruled out)
  • The biggest event in 2020: The massive synchronisation (control) of all information flows around the world by mass media and social media giants
  • Unprecedented synchronisation of what people read around the world. Both liberal and conservative media are now using similar methods, and independent balanced analysis has become extremely rare

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