Radio Interview: US Elections – Massive Blue Wave fails to materialise

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Radio Interview on “US Elections 2020 – Effect, Senate, Debt bubble, Covid19, Economic devastation”  5 Nov 2020 

US Radio host Ron Myers at French Radio Lifestyle interviews Economist Christian Takushi

  • Biggest outcome US Elections: Predicted massive Blue Wave fails to materialise
  • Both parties are somewhat losers
  • Most important Race in 2020: Democrats fail to secure control of the Senate
  • Biggest problems remain: Massive Money Printing to finance unbearable Deficits
  • Financial Markets and Media have both rescinded their oversight duties
  • New Covid19 strategies by Policy Makers risk an Economic Devastation and Human Toll that could dwarf the Great Depression and post-WW2 wars

Some of Takushi’s research can be seen on this website. His research appears for the public normally truncated and with a certain delay.

Takushi’s Strategic Advice 

Business owners and institutional investors can contact Mr. Takushi to discuss how the US Elections outcome will impact them at c.takushi@geopoliticalresearch.com

Global Geopolitical Macroeconomic Research by Independent Macro Economist Christian Takushi MA UZH, Zurich, Switzerland

Disclaimer: None of the voiced or written comments should be interpreted or construed as an investment recommendation

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