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Radio Interview on Why Germany wins during the Global Corona Crisis – 28 April 2020 

US Radio host Ron Myers at French Radio Lifestyle interviews Economist Christian Takushi on 28 April 2020

  • What are the true reasons for Germany’s strong performance during this massive Crisis?
  • Why do Germany companies keep their workers while American firms lay them off by the millions?
  • Why does Fiscal Responsibility matter?
  • Germany’s economic-labor model is not the same as in Italy-Spain-France

The remarkable outperformance of Germany vs America on the economic & medical fronts cannot be simply explained by the better decisions Berlin took this year. Is Germany a more resilient market economy? While America maximises short term Accounting Profits, Germany maximises long term Economic Rents. Yes, many German firms take profit hits in order to retain their well-trained workers. That is not socialism, but Weitsicht.

The foundations for Germany’s impressive resilience were laid long ago: a solid educational & healthcare system and superb economic safety nets that absorb shocks – Financed with strategic reserves afforded by Fiscal Responsibility. Exactly what most European & American economists derided Germany for.

Truth is: Great businesses do not make a great economy. No matter how much money you spend that you don’t have and neither can afford to print. The improvised 3 Trillion rescue package will likely widen the big-small and rich-poor gaps. Germany’s permanent shock absorbers are cheaper & far more efficient.

You can read Takushi’s research report that appeared this same week. This research has been adapted for public release and delayed by 4 days.

Global Geopolitical Macro Research by Independent Macro Economist Christian Takushi MA UZH

Nte: Takushi doesn’t request questions in advance. He allows journalists to asks any questions they desire, according to their listeners’ or readers’ needs. This unscripted approach allows for maximum genuineness. 

Disclaimer: None of the voiced or written comments should be interpreted or construed as an investment recommendation

Geopolitical Macroeconomic Research by Independent Macro Economist Christian Takushi MA UZH – Zurich, Switzerland

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